megaOmega is a natural food algae oil that provides a super nutritional solution to what can be seen as a global epidemic – Omega-3 deficiency.

Our modern lifestyles have established an environment where consumption of Omega-3 DHA is very inadequate, if not dangerously deficient.

Most of the population is overly exposed to Omega-6 fatty acids and very depleted in Omega-3 DHA.

On average, the typical diet contains less than 100mg of DHA per day, well below the amount recommended by expert organisations around the world.

megaOmega has the highest natural DHA level known on Earth for providing you the power Omega-3 your body uses most.

DHA does not interfere with medications and it doesn’t thin the blood.

When taking high DHA oil supplements, the liver converts DHA to EPA as much as needed within several hours. You can’t get too much DHA – what you don’t need you burn as energy. It’s how the body works.

Omega-3 is short for omega-3 fatty acid.

This is a family of eleven polyunsaturated essential fatty acids needed for optimal performance of the human body. They make and repair the body’s cells and organs and each system of the body depends on them.

The Omega-3s are good fats needed more than ever to ensure your quality of life as they support all of the body’s functions.

Our bodies cannot produce them on our own and our diet does not provide adequate amounts. Therefore, in order to get what the body needs, supplementation has become a necessity.

The major Omega-3s are:

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

DHA and EPA are long chain Omega-3 fatty acids that are obtained mainly from marine algae, fish and krill.

ALA is a short chain Omega-3 fatty acid and is the most common in the diet. Mostly found in plants, it does not provide the same benefits as DHA and EPA. It also is less effective as it needs to be converted into DHA and EPA by the body for it to be utilised. The conversion rate is very poor – typically less than 2%.

Short and long chain fatty acids function differently in the body.

Short chain fatty acids like ALA are a source of energy, while the long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA are structural elements that actually make up our cells.

The most important Omega-3 is DHA.

DHA saves lives.

DHA is incorporated and used by every cell, tissue and organ in your body and is a primary structural component of the human brain, cerebral cortex, skin and retina.

DHA, in particular, is the main player in delivering health benefits to the blood and all organs.  It is gentle as it is used by the liver to correctly transport all fats, sterols and lipid soluble vitamins throughout the body, always and every time.

DHA is needed for supporting 97% of the Omega-3 building blocks in the brain, a well-established biological fact, and one increasingly important during the ageing process.  It is especially vital for brain, eye and heart health and cognitive function.

Numerous research studies confirm that everyone, from infants to adults to the elderly, can benefit from a regular intake of dietary DHA.

DHA is the master Omega. Because the body can readily convert DHA to EPA and all other Omega-3 forms in just the right amounts it requires, DHA is the only Omega-3 you actually need.

megaOmega Algae Oil is the purest, cleanest and most potent source of Omega- 3 DHA on the planet. In other words, there is no better.

megaOmega is produced by the first and only true water extracted DHA algae process without any chemical interference. Only pure water is needed in this patented process to release an exceptionally high 50% + DHA Omega-3 oil.

megaOmega has the optimum ratio of 1000mg DHA to 10mg EPA – naturally balanced – so your body puts it directly to work without the multi-step conversion processes required with other Omega-3 forms.

Be wary of cheap imitations (meagre omegas) labelled as ‘packaged in Australia from imported ingredients’ coming out of China.

megaOmega microalgae oil is superior to fish or krill oil because it is organically pure and is a more concentrated DHA form of Omega-3.

Algae Oil is the best way to get DHA since the body can use DHA to make the other Omega-3 forms as needed.  It is a food oil having no known reactions with medications and no known side effects.

megaOmega contains minimum 50% + DHA – a substantial difference to fish oils which are comprised of roughly 30% Omega-3 at the most.

megaOmega does not mislead you with potency claims. Fish Oil products claiming high quantities such as 1000 on their labelling can be deceptive as one would assume that 1000 would equate to an Omega-3 content of 1000mg.

However, that is rarely the case. The product might indeed be 1000mg yet the Omega -3 content of that product may actually only be 300mg (30%).

With regard to the environment – for too long, our rivers and oceans have been used as chemical dumping grounds.

During a fish’s life span these environmental toxins are accumulated in a fish’s body.  Therefore, many fish oils are required to be molecularly distilled for human consumption.

megaOmega is eco-sustainable, pure, clean and free of PCBs, dioxins, heavy metals and other contaminants.

megaOmega algae oil is the MOST effective Omega-3 source for vegan diets.

Products such as flax seed, hemp oil or walnuts are Omega -3 rich, however they do not contain DHA or EPA. Instead, they contain ALA, an Omega-3 that the body must convert to DHA and EPA to utilise.

The multi-step conversion process forces the body to work harder and makes ALA much less effective. The conversion rate is extremely low (typically less than 2 %) in gaining the needed fatty acids.

One serving (1/2 teaspoon) of megaOmega provides more ready to use Omega-3 than 100ml of Flax seed oil – without having to convert the ALA. The DHA Omega-3 found in Hemp seed oil after conversion is very negligible.

You cannot eat enough plant-based Omega-3 from flax, hemp or similar foods to achieve healthy levels of DHA and EPA necessary for optimum health.

megaOmega Algae Oil provides a natural, perfectly balanced supply of DHA and EPA that meets your body’s needs. The Omega-3 ratios in wild strain algae are more similar to the Omega-3 ratios of the human body and less similar to the Omega-3 rations of fish.

However, some algae oil producers have spent millions of dollars to modify their algae to create an oil that has a DHA/EPA ratio similar to those found in most fish oils, which appears to have been purely for marketing purposes – as there is no nutritional reason to have a high EPA level.

Products that have a high EPA level, nearly or equal to half the DHA level, most likely have been produced with an algae that has been modified.

megaOmega Algae Oil is the only GENUINE, unmodified algae product that provides a REAL honest alternative to fish oil, without trying to be like fish oil.

Yes, the megaOmega caps are vegan.

Each capsule (softgel) contains 700ml of Pure Algae Oil with .5% Vit E (tocopherol) as preservative, providing a serve of 350mg DHA per capsule.

The actual capsules are made of corn starch (non GMO/gluten free), carrageenan (from edible seaweed), vegetable glycerine, purified water

The Algae used to produce the megaOmega products is cultivated wild strain Chromista micro algae Schizochytrium sp. which then, through a patented water extraction process, produces the Algae Oil.

megaOmega is produced by a patented water extraction method using a select, unadulterated (no chemical and genetic modifications) wild-type food grade strain of Chromista algae (Schizochytrium sp.)

It is cultured free of environmental exposures in pure water with pure ingredients in quality controlled indoor tanks. This is a necessity to eliminate all risks of contamination so that it provides safe consumption for infants, the frail and the elderly.

The unique water extraction process for megaOmega isolates the algae oil without the involvement of solvents, hexanes or alcohol at any step.

This is a superior method as most fish and algae oils are extracted using external enzymes or solvents such as hexane. Some algae oils are alcohol extracted, which is similar to hexane processing .

What concerns consumers is the possibility of the introduction of trace levels of residual solvents and pollutants resulting from chemical reliant processing.

Our water extraction process is environmentally clean – there is very little waste and no harm to our ecosystem – and is free of cellular contaminants, producing the purest naturally processed algae oil in the world.

The natural tocopherol (vitamin E) is derived from soy, but is considered soy-free.

Soy vitamin E is so far removed from the bean, 0.00001% of the bean (estimated), but purified such that no possible protein is carried along, so it is not allergenic. Then only 0.025% of the final algae oil has this as trace antioxidant.

It is safe for all people.

It is within microalgae oils that Omega-3 DHA in nature is created and stored.

Krill, shrimp, whales and other aquatic organisms consume the microalgae as their foods which is why their oils are high in Omega-3s.

There is a growing list of concerns related to over fishing as ninety percent of the small fish caught in the world’s oceans each year are processed to make fishmeal and fish oil.

The production of megaOmega is ethically responsible, environmentally kind and the most sustainable source of DHA on earth. We are not taking food from other creatures.

megaOmega does not have overfishing and environmental pollution issues.

It starts clean and ends pure.



Liquid: 2ml (1 full dropper) per day = 1000mg DHA/10mg EPA for minimum 3 months

Softgels: 3 softgels per day = 1050mg DHA/10.5mg EPA for minimum 3 months


Liquid: 1ml (1/2 dropper) per day = 500mg DHA/5mg EPA for minimum 3 months

Softgels: 2 softgels per day = 700mg DHA/7mg EPA for minimum 3 months



Liquid: 1ml (1/2 dropper) per day = 500mg DHA/5mg EPA

Softgels: 1-2 softgels per day = 350-700mg DHA/3.5-7mg EPA


Liquid: 1/2 ml (1/4 dropper) per day = 250 DHA/2.5mg EPA


25 serves x 2ml (1000mg DHA for rapid building of DHA level)
33 serves x 1.5ml (750mg DHA for standard maintenance of DHA level)

20 serves x 3 softgels (1050 mg DHA for rapid building of DHA level)
30 serves x 2 softgels (750mg DHA for standard maintenance of DHA level)

megaOmega is safe for all ages and during pregnancy.

It will not interfere with medications.

You may consider the prices for the megaOmega products to be higher than expected, but please be assured the value is in the quality we represent.

We are not a “big fish” in the Omega-3 industry.

We are not even little fish.

We are the microalgae that started it all!

megaOmega is an independent company and is not part of a large company that mainly sells fish oil and other marine products.



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