Free Spirit megaOmega Baby DHA Algae Oil – 30ml


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The Omega-3s are good fats needed more than ever to ensure quality of life. In particular, DHA is required in large amounts during pregnancy and babies’ first few years thereafter.

Babies and young children require these essential fatty acids to support the important cellular changes occurring in their early growth period.

DHA is widely regarded as the most crucial Omega-3 in a child’s early growth phase, being necessary for brain and eye development. An adequate supply of DHA can reinforce lasting implications for babies’ long-term physical and mental advancement.

MegaOmega delivers the highest natural level of DHA know on Earth for providing the Omega-3 your baby needs most. It can be included in your baby’s daily nourishment routine to support optimum health.


EASY TO USE – Calibrated Dropper for accurate measurement.

Bundle Offer – BUY 3, GET 4

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A special product for babies and young children. Just pure Algae Oil, no flavouring, designed to perfectly mix with babies’ formula or as baby grows, juice or food.

With a calibrated dropper, Mum can be sure of giving baby exactly the recommended serve of 0.5 ml (250mg DHA) each day and young children to 4 years, 1 ml (500mg DHA).

Also perfect for the adult who prefers no flavour or wants to measure an exact dose.

BABY DHA Algae Oil Bundle – Buy 3, Get 4

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