Rose Adore Certified Organic Rose Hip Tea – 200g


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This delicious tea is made from the finest sun ripened rose hips that have matured on the plant. The late harvest ensures that the highest nutritional value is present in the fruits. The wild rose hips are harvested by hand by people in the Maluti mountain communities of the African Kingdom of Lesotho.

Once collected, the fruits are sorted and the rose hip is broken apart to separate out the seeds and hairy fibres. The seeds are cleaned and then cold pressed for their valuable oil while the fruit pieces are packaged into tea.

This 100% pure Rose Hip Tea is like none other. Unlike most Rose Hip Teas on the market which have been extended with hibiscus flowers and other plant material, Rose Adore Rose Hip Tea has nothing added to enhance it’s flavour and nothing taken away to alter its natural integrity.

It is exquisitely delicious in its own right and easy to brew. Just steep in boiling water, pour and enjoy. If desired, you may sweeten to your liking with some honey.

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Rosa eglanteria



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