Genetically Engineered (GE) Algae Oil Marketed as Non-GMO

Over the last 10 years, genetic engineering (GE) has become very prominent in commodity crops and even for some algae oils.  Synbio, short for synthetic biology and sometimes referred to as precision fermentation, is a method that relies on GE to modify cell DNA to create tailor-made end products.

Precision fermentation is a term that sounds like an improved natural process, but it actually is a form of synthetic biology that involves turning organisms into mini-factories to produce specific enzymes, protein and oil ingredients.  In other words, these organisms are genetically modified – they are indeed GE and are being marketed to the unsuspecting consumer as non-GMO.

By exploiting the natural process through GE, the biotechnology industry can produce a variety of innovative products such as scents, flavours, proteins and oil compositions that are not found in nature.

Despite claims that Synbio ingredients are non-GMO by the biotechnology industry, not all organisations regard this to be a true statement and view this claim as a means to avoid GMO labelling.

This is because the corporate industries are claiming that blasting cells with nuclear mutagenesis is not the same as DNA double-strand break modification, which they say is the only true GMO.  By their saying that, it means all other genetic engineering can be considered as non-GMO.  In actual fact however, it is GE, but non-GMO on label.  This of course, is absurd and misleading.

Whatever way you wish to identify GE – Synbio products, precision fermentation products or products that are misrepresented as Non-GMO – Genetically Engineered products are masquerading as natural creations.  They are not entirely natural and are created through genetic modifications meant to attract consumers by offering so-called ‘improvements.’  These products are largely unregulated, unlabelled and are flying under the radar of the natural products industry.

In contrast, nature has given us a superior unmodified form of Algae Oil Omega-3 that provides a naturally balanced composition of omega-3 fats, perfectly ratioed as nature intended.

The biotechnology industry has created a Synbio, or genetically engineered Algae Oil, designed to have a high EPA ratio based on a commercial decision by some manufacturers to closely resemble fish oil and market alongside it.

However, all the research shows that the genetically engineered ‘improvements’ do not deliver greater health benefits or effectiveness to the consumer – the only benefits attained were in marketing.   The science said Nature gives the best ratios.

We feel it is our duty to alert the consumer.  An algae oil with DHA and an unnaturally high level of EPA (close to half the DHA level) is an example of Synbio GE/GMO manufacturing.

For example, the DHA/EPA ratios for 1ml Algae Oil are:

NATURAL Algae Oil (megaOmega® from Wild Strain Chromista) approx. 500mg DHA/5mg EPA

UNNATURAL Algae Oil (GE) approx. 300mg DHA/150mg EPA

The choice can now be made clear, between NATURAL (a water extracted food oil selected from a natural algae strain) and UNATURAL (the mutagenized biotechnology industry strain of algae oil made by fish oil companies) Algae Oils.