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megaOmega® is the only genuine,
unmodified, wild strain ALGAE OIL.

Vegan, organic and naturally perfect.

The World’s Purest, Highest Strength, Entirely Natural


Algae Oil

50%+ Omega-3 DHA by weight. Water extracted, natural algae oil obtained from unaltered Wild Strain Schizochytrium sp.microalgae.

Soft Gels

People of all ages and levels of health can benefit from these amazing vegan algae oil softgels that are high in Omega-3 DHA + EPA.

Baby DHA


Due to unavailability of the calibrated droppers, we have decided to discontinue this line.

So that your baby doesn’t miss out, the Algae Oil, 50 ml provides a suitable alternative and can be mixed with formula, juice or food.

megaOmega® vegan algal oil.  Ethically sourced, entirely organic and natural plant based omega-3’s.  Water extracted from wild strain non-modified Chromista Schizochytrium sp.  The highest natural concentration of DHA known on earth, providing 1000mg DHA/10mg EPA per serve.

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Fish Free Omega-3

What is Algae Oil?

Algae oil is an oil that is produced from marine microalgae and has a high content of Omega-3 DHA fatty acids.  Fish eat micro marine algae that is loaded with Omega-3, mostly DHA – that’s why fish oil is Omega-3 rich.

megaOmega® by-passes the fish to obtain this environmentally responsible, entirely plant sourced, vegan Omega-3 alternative to fish oil.

megaOmega® is different from others

An unmodified wild strain of Chromista Algae – Schizochytrium sp., naturally enriched (50%+ its weight) with DHA is specifically selected to produce megaOmega algae oil.  No enzymes, solvents or other chemicals are used at any stage of its patented water extraction process.

Manufactured under GMP, the micro algae is cultured inside enclosed stainless-steel indoor tanks to ensure no contamination is possible – providing safe consumption for infants, the frail and the elderly.

We do not do what others do!

megaOmega® does not alter the Chromista algae in any way to unnaturally increase its content of EPA.

megaOmega® does not contain Chinese algae oil heavily diluted with flax seed oil or other useless extenders to bring the product cost down.

megaOmega® does not recommend inadequate serving sizes in order to offer more serves per bottle and appear to be most economical.

Honest Value

Real value for money

megaOmega® may seem expensive, yet the product presents real value for money, providing high amounts of readily available DHA per serving.

What megaOmega® is

  • The only product extracted from non-altered, non-modified wild strain Chromista marine algae, Schizochytrium, sp.
  • Able to provide a clear choice between modified or unmodified algae oil which could affect the healing capabilities of the product
  • Naturally high in DHA, low in EPA just as nature intended.  The body uses DHA to create EPA as required – that’s how the body works
  • The only water extracted algae oil – no chemicals at all during the entire process and no toxic residues
  • 50%+ by weight DHA
  • Pure, natural and genuine
  • The most preferred Omega-3 product by Practitioners.

What megaOmega® is NOT

  • GMO modified or altered in any way.  We have not made the commercial decision, as other companies have, to modify the micro marine algae so that the extracted oil has a 2:1 DHA/EPA ratio similar to fish oil (ie: 300mg DHA to 150mg EPA)
  • Diluted with Omega-6 overloaded plant oils such as sunflower or flax seed which provide little real Omega-3 and can inhibit the effectiveness of Omega-3
  • Part of a large multi-national company that sells fish oil and other marine products.

Do I need megaOmega®?

Your body needs Omega-3 for optimal health, but it can’t produce it on its own! That’s where megaOmega® vegan Omega-3 algae oil can help you.

Vegans, athletes, pregnant women, babies, children, and in fact, people of all ages, genders, and levels of health can benefit from megaOmega® which is exceptionally rich in essential Omega-3 DHA.

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Physical Fitness

No other substance has been scientifically studied more than Omega-3s.

The necessity of these very important essential fatty acids, and showing how Omega-3 DHA + EPA supplementation can boost your athletic performance and recovery is well documented.

Some of these performance enhancements include:

  • Improving cognitive function – boosting reaction time
  • Increasing neuromuscular function – less muscle fatigue
  • Decreasing muscle breakdown and increasing protein synthesis
  • Increasing calcium absorption, strengthening bones

Fertility, prenatal and pregnancy

A diet rich with essential Omega-3s has been shown to promote reproductive potential and fertility.

Omega-3s are not only important when trying to get pregnant but also during pregnancy as they promote healthy development in the foetal brain.

Studies have shown that an adequate intake of Omega-3 reduces risk for premature birth too!


Clearing ‘brain fog’ and supporting brain development

Do you ever experience forgetfulness, trouble focusing, confusion? Have you recently recovered from an illness or virus that affected your mental clarity?

By working to enable healthy blood flow to the brain, Omega-3 DHA + EPA optimises the cell membrane functions.

Studies have shown that higher blood levels of DHA/EPA are associated with better performance in attention, concentration, reading abilities and memory performance.

Keeping healthy in the long term

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve quality of life and the physiological changes that come with ageing. Supplementing your Omega-3 DHA and EPA intake is so important for us as we age.

It will help maintain your mental clarity and can prevent pathological conditions associated with the ageing process.

> See product information, correct dosages and suggested uses


Live stronger. Live longer.

100% organic vegan, super strength algae oil