Free Spirit megaOmega® Algae Oil – 50ml

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  • Best Source of Omega-3 DHA
  • Better than Fish Oil
  • Better than Flax and Hemp Oil
  • Patented water extraction method
  • Environmentally responsible
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megaOmega® is a natural food algae oil in Australia that provides a super nutritional solution to what can be seen as a global epidemic – Omega-3 deficiency, especially in kids and pregnancy.

Our modern lifestyles have established an environment where consumption of Omega-3 DHA is very inadequate, if not dangerously deficient.

Most of the population is overly exposed to Omega-6 fatty acids and very depleted in Omega-3 DHA. On average, the typical diet contains less than 100mg of DHA per day, well below the amount recommended by expert organisations around the world.

megaOmega® has the highest natural DHA level known on Earth for providing you the power Omega-3 your body uses most.

DHA does not interfere with medications and it doesn’t thin the blood.

When taking high DHA oil supplements, the liver converts DHA to EPA as much as needed within several hours. You can’t get too much DHA – what you don’t need to burn as energy. It’s how the body works.


Water Extracted Chromista Algae Oil – Schizochytrium sp., cold pressed organic lemon peel oil as flavouring, natural tocopherol as antioxidant.

The algae we use is a single cell organism that has no known allergies.

The natural tocopherol (vitamin E) is derived from soy, but is considered soy-free. Soy Vitamin E is so far removed from the bean, 0.00001% of the bean (estimated), but purified such that no possible protein is carried along, so it is not allergenic. Then only 0.025% of the final algae oil has this as trace antioxidant and is considered safe for all people

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5 reviews for Free Spirit megaOmega® Algae Oil – 50ml

  1. LAURA

    My 13 year old daughter and I have both been taking the MegaOmega Algae Oil for a couple of months now. I have seen a noticeable difference in my daughter, particularly with her energy levels and moods. She is more vibrant and energetic and she just seems much happier in general. Less of the moody teenager! It’s so nice to hear her so happy and excited for life in those moments.

    For myself, it just felt right to take this product. It had been recommended to me and after reading the statistics and reviews it sounded too good not to have. I have also noticed a shift in my energy levels, which is something I had been working on for a while! It’s like I have more drive for my busy days.  I honestly put this down to my morning ritual of this oil and a greens mixture. I would highly recommend trying this wonderful product!
    Warm wishes, LAURA

  2. LEX

    “The product is amazing and we are seeing results in clients’ skin already.”


  3. A. HICKS

    I started taking megaOmega a few years back, and within the first few months I started noticing dramatic results! I had tried taking all the vegan omega oil options available – flaxseed, hemp, evening primrose and had never had any benefit.

    With megaOmega my energy levels were higher and more sustained, my brain was clearer and I was able to concentrate more than ever before, pms symptoms dramatically reduced and also my skin and hair became nourished and softer (even so much so that people were always asking what I was doing differently with my hair!)

    It is now a product I cannot live without because I have felt its benefits first hand and now know
 how much healthier my body and brain feels using it! Thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing. You have a customer for life!

    A. HICKS


    “I’ve tried a lot of different oils which just made me feel sick in the tummy but nothing that has given me these results!”

    Incredible 👏❤️

    – posted on Instagram


    “I am starting up my own Nutrition & Wellness Practice, and I would love to stock your MegaOmega Algae Oil. On a personal note, I have been taking your oil for around 5 months and am amazed at my skin health, and the feeling of all round general health, knowing I am doing something great for my health every day. I would love the opportunity to provide your oil for my future clients.”


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