Not All Vegan Omega-3s Are Created Equal! Choose Wisely!

What to look out for when choosing your Omega-3 supplements.
Suddenly, the big ‘fish oil’ Omega-3 companies jumped onto the Vegan Omega-3 market. And you (seemingly) get more choice when you are looking for a vegan source of Omega-3.
But not all vegan Omega-3 products are created equal.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing a plant-based Omega-3 supplement:

What’s the source of Omega-3?

Some companies add large amounts of Flaxseed oil into their Algae Oil capsules in order to claim high levels of Omega-3 and some even go as far as encapsulating ONLY flaxseed – which does not give you the Omega-3 you need and think you are paying for.

Why does it matter if it’s Flaxseed Oil or something else? Isn’t it all the same?

The problem with Flaxseed Oil, is it only contains Omega-3 ALA, which is the poorest performer of the Omega-3 group. Because it is not readably usable by the body, it needs to be converted to Omega-3 DHA and EPA to do the job it needs to do first.

The typical conversion rate is so small (2.5%) that there is almost no DHA (the most important Omega-3) in the conversion.

The high content of Flaxseed oil in these products means that you are not getting the all-important Omega-3 DHA that you need and are taking the product for.

So how do I choose the best vegan Omega-3?

You need to look for the DHA/EPA content to get the Omega-3 your body actually needs.

For example, compare the flaxseed or other ‘mixed’ Algae Oil products to MegaOmega® where a serving of 2 MegaOmega® Softgels provides 700mg DHA; or 2 ml MegaOmega® oil provides 1000 mg DHA. That’s the power Omega-3 your body needs and uses the most.

So whilst you may find a lot of other vegan Omega-3 supplements these days, we recommend to do your research and thoroughly check the label before you buy – so you are getting what you want and what you are paying for.

And when you do your research you will find that MegaOmega® –  even though we are not ‘big fish’ in the Omega-3 ocean of products – is hands-down the purest, cleanest and most potent source of Omega-3 on the planet. We are proudly only microalgae.

Genuine, wild-strain, water-extracted unaltered Algae Oil – completely natural – in line with our Free Spirit values. Not Genetically engineered. Not heavily refined.